Australian Non-Fiction

No Strings Attatched

No Strings Attached is a genre bending mashup of equal parts documentary, comedy and puppetry TV. This series peers beneath the covers of the exhilarating and often awkward world of dating apps. No Strings Attached features true Grindr, Tinder, Happn, RSVP and Snapchat stories re-enacted by a cast of puppets. Innovative and off-beat this series features real-life voice recordings of people relaying their tales of dating triumph and woe in 5-7 minute vignettes. These recordings are then lip-synced and re-enacted by puppets who dramatise these dates; from the ordinary to the extraordinary and the heart-warming to the heart-breaking. On the surface, No Strings Attached is an entertaining puppetry series, but at its heart it’s a study of modern relationships and the surprising and silly things we do when we’re trying to connect with another human being.

Award Nominations
  • Best Australian Non-Fiction
  • Best Sound Design – Ruth Lee Martin


Emma Watts

Emma Watts & Lisa Kovacevic

Toby Angwin

Paula Zorgdrager

Megan Cameron & Mischa Long

Sound Design:
Ruth Lee Martin
Paula Zorgdrager
Michael Slater

Original Score:
Ruth Lee Martin

Visual/Special Effects
Marcus Herrick