Australian Comedy


A gritty black comedy, set in an ordinary Aussie share-house that just happens to be a prison tent in Sydney Cove, 1788. Bruce Williamson is a modern man out of time, whose simple plan of following his soulmate Daisy to the new land by getting arrested backfires severely, trapping him in a violent prison camp at the edge of the world. Rather than the love of his life, who knows their relationship can never work out here, Bruce is stuck in a tent with irrepressible bogan Garry – who claims to be Bruce’s “best mate”, and, despite what Bruce might hope, probably is – and Mick, a well-read, philosophical, and sensitive monolith of a man, who is also possibly a brutal serial killer.

The wider world is no friendlier, between the brutal marines, the incompetent leaders of the colony, and the mysterious local people who have had their way of life challenged.

“Bruce” rewrites Australia’s convict beginnings with a wry, deadpan comic voice, by taking historical facts and rubbing them up against the modern sensibilities of this ensemble of funny, flawed, and ultimately endearing characters.

Award Nominations
  • Best Australian Comedy
  • Best Cinematography – Marin Johnson
  • Best Directing – Tony Rogers
  • Best Screenplay – Warwick Holt & Mat Blackwell
  • Best Supporting Actor – Angus Sampson (Mick)


Tony Rogers

Jason Byrne

Marin Johnson

Mat Blackwell & Warwick Holt

Richard Hamer & Tim Parrington

Angus Sampson, Richard Davies & Dave Lawson

Sound Design:
Laura Hesse & Paul Shanahan

Original Score:
Adnan Laala & Tori Holleman

Visual/Special Effects:
Richard Hamer & Tim Parrington