International Non-Fiction

Amy Street

Love, patience, understanding and support are the corner stone of any successful marriage. With a huge amount of help from the supported community they live in , we follow this AMY STREET * couple as they grasp the idea of marriage, what it means to them and how things will change – as they prepare for their big day. Topsy and Dave are residents of ‘The Supported Life Style Hauraki Trust ‘. The Trust offer a home and life for people of mixed ability. *Amy Street is a series of 8 short form documentaries of the residents that live in this supported community, dotted among ‘normal’ households within the greater community of Thames NZ. Diversity is the spice of life.

Award Nominations
  • Best International Non-Fiction
  • Best Editing – Prisca Bouchet


Kirsty Griffin & Vivienne Kernick

Bella Pacific Media

Executive Producer(s):
Gaylene Preston

Kirsty Griffin

Prisca Bouchet

Sound Design:
Viv Kernick

Original Score:
Callie Blood & Wayne Bell

Visual/Special Effects:
Kirsty Griffin