Best Australian Animation: Doodles
Best International Animation: Deluxe Motion
Best Australian Comedy: Goober
Best International Comedy: Orazio’s Clan – web series
Best Australian Drama: High Life
Best International Drama: Exode
Best Australian Non-Fiction: No Strings Attached
Best International Non-Fiction: Waynak: Where Are You?
Best Cinematography: RAPT – Russell Gleeson
Best Directing: High Life – Luke Eve
Best Editing: Like You – Robert Woods
Best Lead Actor or Ensemble: Jezabel – Hélène Kuhn
Best Score: Exode – Le Matos
Best Screenplay: BRUCE THE SERIES – Warwick Holt & Mat Blackwell
Best Sound Design: Supa Supa – Romain Darracq & Nicolas Decazenove
Best Supporting Actor: High Life – Benson Jack Anthony
Best Visual/Special Effects: Exode – Jesse Malcolm Sweet Jeremy Der Charles Dubé Cédric Fichter
Grand Jury Award: Amy Street
Outstanding Diversity: Starting From Now
Spotlight: Method
Student Award: Two Weeks
Crowd Favourite: Fightin’ ISIS
People’s Choice: Krudo
Pitch iView: Waiting – Tim Potter

Goober (AUS)


Jezabel (FRA/BEL)

Jezabel (FRA/BEL)

No Strings Attached (AUS)

Amy Street (NZL)


Exode (CAN)

Krudo (CHL)

Starting From Now Season 5 (AUS)


Like You (AUS)

Two Weeks (AUS)

High Life (AUS)

Deluxe Motion (CAN)

Fightin’ ISIS (AUS)

Doodles (AUS)

Waynak: Where Are You? (FRA)

Supa Supa (FRA)

Orazio’s Clan (CHE)

MWF 2016 Award Winners

Best International Comedy: Der Lack ist ab (The Glory is gone)
Best Australian Comedy: The Katering Show Season 2
Best International Drama: OSMOSIS – The Series
Best Australian Drama: Greenfield
Best International Non-Fiction: Listen Up: Making It at Berklee College of Music
Best Australian Non-Fiction: Everything Is Connected
Best International Animation: Shorts about Giants
Best Australian Animation: The Shapes
Best Cinematography: Arthur
Best Director: The Justice Lease, Season 2: Dorm of Justice
Best Editing: The Graceland Happiness Project
Best Leading Actor or Ensemble: Aunty Donna: 1999
Best Score: Arthur
Best Screenplay: OSMOSIS – The Series
Best Sound Design: The Wizards of Aus
Best Supporting Actor or Ensemble: The Wizards of Aus
Best Visual/Special Effects: The Wizards of Aus
Grand Jury Award: Ren: The Girl With the Mark
Outstanding Diversity: Her Story
People’s Choice: MUTE
Crowd Favourite: The Justice Lease, Season 2: Dorm of Justice
Best of Spotlight: Movement
Pitch Perfect: Viking Mama

The Graceland Happiness Project (AUS)


Listen Up: Making it at Berklee College of Music (USA)


Everything is Connected (AUS)


Ren: The Girl with the Mark (UK)


Osmosis (FRA)


Mute Webseries (BRA)


Her Story (USA)


Greenfield (AUS)


Arthur (CH)


The Wizards of Aus (AUS)


The Katering Show – Season 2 (AUS)


The Justice Lease: Dorm of Justice – Season 2 (AUS)


Der Lack ist ab (The Glory is gone) (GER)


Aunty Donna: 1999 (AUS)


The Shapes (AUS)


Shorts About Giants (ARG)


MWF 2015 Award Winners

Best Screenwriting: Anna Kerrigan, The Impossibilities (USA)
Best Editing: Mike Nayna, Dayne’s World (Aus)
Best Cinematography: Arnaud Dumas, The Banks (Canada)
Best Actor/Ensemble: Veronica Milsom & Steen Raskopoulos, The Record (Aus)
Best Director: Hervé Baillargeon, Michaëlle en sacrament (Canada)
People’s Choice Award: LOST in LA (Aus)
Outstanding Diversity Award: Gettin’ DOWN (USA)
Best Non-fiction: Stories of Youth (Norway)
Best Drama: Michaëlle en sacrament (Canada)
Best Sci Fi: Elba – Napoleon’s Legacy (Italy)
Best Suspense: Judas Goat (UK)
Best Comedy: The Katering Show (Aus)
Best Animation: BIGSHOT (France)
Innovation Award: Airlock (Aus)
iView Award: Dayne’s World (Aus)
Grand Jury Award: Feminin / Feminin (Canada)

The Record (AUS)

Best Actor/Ensemble

The Katering Show (AUS)

Best Comedy

The Impossibilities (USA)

Best Screenwriting

The Banks (CAN)

Best Cinematography

Stories of Youth – a portrait of a generation (NOR)

Best Non-fiction

Michaëlle en Sacrament (CAN)

Best Director, Best Drama

Lost in LA (AUS/USA)

People’s Choice Award

Judas Goat (UK)

Best Suspense/Thriller

Gettin’ Down (USA)

Outstanding Diversity Award

Féminin/Féminin (CAN)

Grand Jury Award

Elba – Napoleon’s Legacy (ITA)

Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Dayne’s World (AUS)

Best Editing, iView Award


Best Animation

Airlock (AUS)

Innovation Award

MWF 2014 Award Winners

Best Screenwriting: Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney (Bleak, AUS)
Best Editing: Cam Elkins (Stories of Bike, AUS)
Best Cinematography: Cedric Martinez (Project-M, CAN)
Best Actor/Ensemble: Kate McLennan (Bleak, AUS)
Best Director: Shaun Wilson (Noirhouse, AUS)
People’s Choice Award: Shadow Bound, USA (created by Nathan Shelton)
Outstanding Diversity Award: Often Awesome the series, USA (Created by Andy Coon)
Best Non-fiction: Stories of Bike, AUS (created by Cam Elkins)
Best Drama: LIBRES, SPA (created by Alex Rodrigo)
Best Sci Fi: Polaris, CAN (created by Emma Peterson)
Best Suspense/Thriller: Manigances, CAN (created by  Ghislain O’Prêtre, Isabel Dréan and Simon Côté)
Best Comedy: Low Life, AUS (created by Luke Eve)
People’s Choice Award: Shadow Bound, USA (created by Nathan Shelton)
iView Award: Bleak, AUS (created by Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney)
Grand Jury Award: Low Life, AUS (created by Luke Eve)

MWF 2013 Award Winners

Outstanding Diversity Award: MQFF Community Film Project, AUS (created by Grant Scicluna)
Best Non-fiction: The Journey of Documentary, AUS (created by Atalanti Dionysus)
Best Drama: SYD2030, AUS (created by the Cheese on Toast Productions)
Best Sci Fi/Fantasy: Mission Backup Earth, GER (created by Alexander Pfander)
Best Suspense/Thriller: After, CAN (created by Ivan Hayden)
Best Comedy: Great., AUS (created by the Camaralla)
Grand Jury Award: Mission Backup Earth, GER (created by Alexander Pfander)
2013 Melbourne’s Best Prize presented by Vintech:
Aunty Donna’s Rumpus Room (created by Mark Bonnano)
Chris & Josh (created by Matthew Smolen)
Get Stuffed (created by Michael Lanzer)