5 years of the Melbourne WebFest Internship Program

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MWF inaugural interns 2013

Since the Melbourne WebFest’s inception in 2013, we have worked to create opportunities for students through our MWF Internship Program – a bold and distinctive initiative that provides students with opportunities to enrich their studies beyond the classroom.

In 2014, we partnered with La Trobe University and have been working closely with their Media and Communications students during our internship program.

MWF interns assist in implementing innovative marketing and communication strategies, and creating audio visual content each year for the production of the festival.

For our fifth anniversary year, we spoke with previous interns from the MWF internship to find out where they are now, and what they loved most about their work with the festival.

Olivia Whyte was an intern with the first Melbourne WebFest held in 2012. Five years down the track, Olivia is kicking goals as a Integrated Producer for the global advertising agency TBWA/Chiat/Day New York and living in New York City, predominantly as a broadcast producer on video and radio projects, also working on digital and print projects. She finds her work incredibly rewarding, and often finds herself travelling around the US and internationally for shoots and working for brands like McDonald’s, H&M, Nissan and TD Bank. She has produced major TV commercials for Michelin, including one that aired during the 2017 Super Bowl to over 100 million people. As part of a small team back in 2012, Olivia enjoyed the responsibility given to her and having to produce content on her own helped her build a range of skills like audio and camera operating which would usually be split between multiple people. The internship directly lead to work opportunities on web series for Olivia.

“Moving to New York was a leap of faith, but one of the best decisions I’ve made and everything I learned in Melbourne contributed in some way to where I am now.”

Matthew Elmas completed his internship during the 2016 Melbourne WebFest. Currently, Matthew works as a business journalist for a trade paper called Inside Retail – and hasn’t looked back since travelling interstate two weeks after landing the role. Although he misses Melbourne every morning when getting his Sydney coffee, throwing himself into the deep end and working as a journalist has been, without a doubt, his most rewarding experience to date.

Working as part of the communications team at MWF allowed Matthew to participate in invaluable industry practice, and provided him with hands on experience working within a team to deliver a professional multi-day event. Matthew’s experience cemented his passion for profile writing.

“Being given the freedom to take the story in whichever direction I wanted put the responsibility for filing good copy on my shoulders.”

Bryanna Reynolds completed her internship during 2013 Melbourne WebFest. Currently working on Channel 7’s TV show Game Day, Bryanna is busy on her feet also freelancing for Channel 7 and has worked on events such as The Spring Racing Carnival, The Brownlow Awards and The Royal Children’s Good Friday Appeal. In her spare time Bryanna works as a freelance multimedia journalist for online magazines, blogs and youtube channels with Monash University, National Geographic, NASA, The Times Square Alliance, The Logies and The Sound Of Music AU, just to name a few.

Bryanna got in touch with Melbourne WebFest during her last year of university after wanting to be a part of the festival they were creating. Specialising in the production management and AV assistance team, her participation in the 2013 MWF was a positive and rewarding experience which helped her to connect with like minded and creative individuals in Melbourne.

Since interning at Melbourne WebFest, Bryanna has travelled to India, Asia and America creating digital content.

“It wasn’t about just the festival duration it was an entire experience that created lasting friendships and memories.”

Bryanna returned to the 2017 festival to cover the event for WebVee Guide.

Maddison Stafford was the host of the 2015 Melbourne WebFest, after deciding to jump in and give herself a challenge.  Nowadays, Maddison works at The Project on Network Ten as the News Coordinator, describing the live news environment as running on adrenaline constantly. Although she describes her experience at The Project as ‘very different to what I’m used to’, Maddison loves her work and has been able to learn skills she would have never been exposed to in a standard newsroom environment.

Maddison described the MWF as a fantastic learning experience in honing her skills as a host and journalist, and was able to see her skills improve from interview to interview. After interviewing comedy troupe Aunty Donna and originally finding it intimidating, Maddison was able to laugh along with the crew and ask questions she hadn’t thought of in the beginning.

“It was a fantastic learning experience for me in honing my skills as a host and journalist…It reinforced that this is where I want my career to go and without it I may still be trying to figure it out.”

Max Robins completed his internship in the 2017 Melbourne WebFest. The MWF internship marked the end of his Media and Communication’s degree. Max has just begun working at La Trobe University as a Technical Officer on their Melbourne campus.

Working as part of the AV team at the MWF gave Max the opportunity to have hands on experience producing material and content promoting the festival. Max took up the roles of Director, Writer and Editor in the MWF’s very own web series, Mashed Up. The team-bonding over the course of the internship proved most enjoyable for Max, and allowed him to lean on others when needed and make the most of all the industry events and practical experiences.

After completing the MWF internship, Max is aware there is still much to learn throughout the film industry. With technology and methods always changing, Max is always keen to learn additional skills that will become handy in the industry. After getting more editing and videography experience under his belt he would love to tackle more producing roles and work with creatives to bring their visions to life.

“Rubbing shoulders as equals with industry professionals whilst being guided through an established industry event by the MWF team was an invaluable experience.”

These are the Melbourne WebFest interns of 2017, we can’t wait to see what they get up to in the future!

Kristen Settinelli

Author Kristen Settinelli

Kristen Settinelli is a Communications Intern. Currently in her third and final year of a Bachelor of Journalism degree at La Trobe University, Kristen is a emerging journalist who takes on any challenges that are thrown her way.

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