2018 Award Nominations

Official Selections

  • Antarktika (GER)
  • Spike and Dadda (AUS)
  • Swift and Loose (AUS)
  • This is Desmondo Ray! (AUS)
Australian Comedy
  • Aunty Donna The Album
  • Aussie Rangers
  • Freudian Slip
  • Goons Inc
  • Homecoming Queens
  • Kiki and Kitty
  • Plonk
  • Sexy Herpes
  • Small town Hackers
  • The Circle
  • These New South Whales
  • Wine
International Comedy
  • Alice in Paris (FRA)
  • City Girl (USA)
  • Clusterf*ck (CAN)
  • Hooked (ITA)
  • Language Academy (USA)
  • Mortus Corporatus (FRA)
  • Other People’s Children (USA)
  • Psusy (NZL)
  • Save Me (CAN)
  • Technically Single (GER)
Australian Drama
  • Event Zero
  • Jade of Death
  • Other Peoples Problems
  • Patricia Moore
  • Skinford
  • The Big Nothing
International Drama
  • A Fine Mistery (ITA)
  • Arena (BRA)
  • Burkland (BEL)
  • Confess (ISR)
  • Counting Mx. Gye (KOR)
  • Crimetube (ITA)
  • Ink (FRA)
  • It’s Not That Simple (IND)
  • Man-O (CAN)
  • Natural Selection (COL)
  • Nemausus FRA)
  • Played (CAN)
  • Random Season 2 (FRA)
  • The Y Theory (BEL)
  • Wishlist 2.0 (GER)
  • Woke (FRA)
Australian Non-Fiction
  • Hitting Zero
  • Housemates
  • Prisoners and Pups
  • Women of the island
International Non-Fiction
  • Chinese Dream (GER)
  • Homo Digitalis (GER)
  • Iran #NoFilter (FRA)
  • Poi Hopes and Dreams (NZL)
  • Small Talk (CAN)
  • Zombie Ztories (FRA)


Best Cinematography
  • Patricia Moore Tania Lambert
  • Skinford Kieran Fowler & Carl Robertson
  • Alice in Paris Thibaud Paul Martin
  • Ink Laurent King
  • Natural Selection Andrés Hernández
  • The Big Nothing Claire Bishop
Best Directing
  • Patricia Moore Blake Fraser
  • Skinford Nik Kacevski
  • Homecoming Queens Corrie Chen
  • A Fine Mistery Nicola Martini
  • Iran #NoFilter Valérie Urréa & Nathalie Masduraud
  • Other Peoples Problems Erin White
Best Editing
  • This is Desmondo Ray! Steve Baker
  • Patricia Moore Margi Hoy
  • Skinford Kent Hau
  • Alice in Paris Thibaud Paul Martin
  • Natural Selection Miguel Gallego
  • Nemausus Quentin Uriel
Best Lead Actor or Ensemble
  • Technically Single Alina Stiegler – Juli
  • Homecoming Queens Liv Hewson – Chloe & Michelle Law – Michelle
  • Patricia Moore Marlo Kelly – Patricia Moore
  • The Circle Rebecca Gibney – Tonni & Felix Williamson – Lesley
  • Kiki and Kitty Nakkiah Lui – Kiki
  • Woke Mehdi Meskar – Hicham
Best Production Design
  • This is Desmondo Ray! Christopher Cox
  • Technically Single Tamara Hauer & Ji Hyung Nam
  • Mortus Corporatus Benjamin Lavarone
  • Goons Inc Fury Fingers
  • Event Zero Rachele Wiggins
  • Alice in Paris ToDo Films
Best Score
  • Patricia Moore David Chapman
  • Skinford Michael Lira
  • Woke Franck Lebon
  • The Circle Wes Carr
  • A Fine Mistery Francesco Ceraci
  • Burkland François Fripiat
Best Screenplay
  • Homecoming Queens Chloe Reeson and Michelle Law
  • Technically Single Sebastian Stojetz
  • Homo Digitalis Christiane Miethge & Nils Otte
  • Patricia Moore Blake Fraser
  • Iran #NoFilter Valérie Urréa & Nathalie Masduraud
  • These New South Whales Jamie Timony, Todd Andrews & Ben Timony
Best Sound Design
  • Patricia Moore Derek Allan
  • Aunty Donna The Album Thomas Armstrong
  • Technically Single Andrew Mottl
  • This is Desmondo Ray! Luke Mynott
  • Event Zero Sasha Zastavnikovic
  • Mortus Corporatus Tamara Demichelo
Best Supporting Actor
  • Homecoming Queens John McNeill – Geoffrey
  • Technically Single Maria Furtwängler
  • Patricia Moore Danielle Cormack – Marnie Moore
  • The Circle Ensemble (Brooke Nicole-Lee, Andrea Moor, Chris Haywood, Charlotte Carr & Rory Williamson)
  • Wine Ensemble (Jackson Gallagher, Ryan Shelton, Johnathon Schuster, Sam Wtkins)
  • Mortus Corporatus Sarah Carlini – Lucile
Best Visual/Special Effects
  • Skinford Evan Whiteside
  • This is Desmondo Ray! Joe Lancaster & Steve Baker
  • Event Zero Evan Whiteside & Cecil B.
  • Played Andy Kloske, Tim Kloske, Graham Gibbard, Peter Guzda and Ryota Suyama
  • The Big Nothing Peter Ninos
  • Mortus Corporatus Virgil Vergues
Grand Jury Award
    The winner of the Grand Jury Award will receive a $1,500 cash prize.

Official Selections

All the selections from Melbourne WebFest 2018

Other People’s Children (USA)

The Big Nothing (AUS)

Kiki and Kitty (AUS)

Wishlist 2.0 (GER)

Women of the Island (AUS)

Small Town Hackers (AUS)

Aussie Rangers (AUS)

Ink (FRA)

Event Zero (AUS)

Man-O (CAN)

Clusterf*ck (CAN)

A Fine Mistery (ITA)

Counting Mx. Gye (KOR)

Random Season 2 (FRA)

Prisoners And Pups (AUS)

Chinese Dream (GER)

The Y Theory (BEL)

Language Academy (US)

Spike and Dadda (AUS)

This is Desmondo Ray! (AUS)

These New South Whales Season 2 (AUS)

City Girl: A Rom-Com By a 12-Year-Old (USA)

Skinford (AUS)

Hooked (ITA)

The Circle (AUS)

Homo Digitalis (GER)

Technically Single (GER)

Sexy Herpes (AUS)

Iran #NoFilter (FRA)

Other People’s Problems (AUS)

Natural Selection (COL)

Psusy Season 2 (NZ)

Swift and Loose (AUS)

It’s Not That Simple (IND)

Hitting Zero: A Legacy (AUS)

Housemates Season 2 (AUS)

Mortus Corporatus (FRA)

Freudian Slip (AUS)

Plonk Season 2 (AUS)

Confess (ISR)

Goons Inc (AUS)

Alice in Paris (FRA)

Woke (FRA)

Patricia Moore (AUS)

Antarktika (GER)

Homecoming Queens (AUS)

Save Me (CAN)

Nemausus (FRA)

Crimetube Southtyrol 
”The Suitcase” (ITA)

Played (CAN)

Aunty Donna – The Album (AUS)

Burkland (BEL)

Zombie Ztories (FRA)

Jade of Death (AUS)

Arena (BRA)

Wine (AUS)

Poi Hopes and Dreams (NZL)

Small Talk (CAN)

Spotlight Selections

All the Spotlight Selections from Australia and around the world.

After Nightfall (AUS)

Theater People Season 4 (USA)

Two Weeks (AUS)

The Drop Off (AUS)

Abandoned (AUS)

Sui Generis (BRA)

Little Sista (AUS)

Digital Memory (ARG)

The F*ck It List (AUS)

Goodall & Gallagher (AUS)

Chateau Laurier (CAN)

Silo Art Trail (AUS)

Root for the Villain (USA)

Silent Song (FRA)

Sonia & Cherry (AUS)

The Feels Season 2 (USA)

The Pantsless Detective (USA)

End Unsung (FIN)

Sweatshop (AUS)

Toddumentaries (USA)

The Bench Series (AUS)

Student Selections

All the Student selections from Melbourne WebFest 2018