2018 Award Winners

Best Animation: This is Desmondo Ray!
Best Australian Comedy: Homecoming Queens
Best International Comedy: Alice in Paris
Best Australian Drama: Patricia Moore
Best International Drama: Natural Selection
Best Australian Non-Fiction: Prisoners and Pups
Best International Non-Fiction: Iran #NoFilter
Best Cinematography: Skinford – Kieran Fowler & Carl Robertson
Best Directing: Homecoming Queens – Corrie Chen
Best Editing: Patricia Moore – Margi hoy
Best Lead Actor or Ensemble: Homecoming Queens – Liv Hewson & Michelle Law
Best Production Design: Alice in Paris – ToDo Films
Best Score: A Fine Mistery- Francesco Ceraci
Best Screenplay: Homecoming Queens – Chloe Reeson & Michelle Law
Best Sound Design: Event Zero – Sasha Zastavnikovic
Best Supporting Actor: The Circle – Ensemble
Best Visual/Special Effects: This is Desmondo Ray! – Joe Lancaster & Steve Baker
Grand Jury Award: This is Desmondo Ray!
Outstanding Diversity: Poi – Hopes and Dreams
Australian Spotlight: The Drop Off
International Spotlight: Sui Generis
Student Award: No Burn Day
Crowd Favourite: Spike and Dadda
Pitch iView: The Dash — Anna Lindner
Michael Ajakwe Jr. Achievement Award: Tom Chamberlain and Dipu Battacharya — The Pantsless Detective

2018 Ruby tickets

The ruby tickets are selected by the directors of our partner festivals for direct entry into their next editions.

Asia Web Awards: Goons Inc
WebFest Berlin: Goons Inc
Marseille WebFest: Event Zero
NZ WebFest: Skinford
Rio WebFest: These New South Whales
Rome WebFest: Patricia Moore
Seoul WebFest: Event Zero
Sicily WebFest: Event Zero

The Drop Off (AUS)

Event Zero (AUS)

A Fine Mistery (ITA)

Sui Generis (BRA)

Prisoners And Pups (AUS)

This is Desmondo Ray! (AUS)

Skinford (AUS)

The Circle (AUS)

Iran #NoFilter (FRA)

Natural Selection (COL)

Alice in Paris (FRA)

Patricia Moore (AUS)

Homecoming Queens (AUS)

The Pantsless Detective (USA)

Poi Hopes and Dreams (NZL)

No Burn Day (AUS)