Best Australian Animation: Doodles
Best International Animation: Deluxe Motion
Best Australian Comedy: Goober
Best International Comedy: Orazio’s Clan – web series
Best Australian Drama: High Life
Best International Drama: Exode
Best Australian Non-Fiction: No Strings Attached
Best International Non-Fiction: Waynak: Where Are You?
Best Cinematography: RAPT – Russell Gleeson
Best Directing: High Life – Luke Eve
Best Editing: Like You – Robert Woods
Best Lead Actor or Ensemble: Jezabel – Hélène Kuhn
Best Score: Exode – Le Matos
Best Screenplay: BRUCE THE SERIES – Warwick Holt & Mat Blackwell
Best Sound Design: Supa Supa – Romain Darracq & Nicolas Decazenove
Best Supporting Actor: High Life – Benson Jack Anthony
Best Visual/Special Effects: Exode – Jesse Malcolm Sweet Jeremy Der Charles Dubé Cédric Fichter
Grand Jury Award: Amy Street
Outstanding Diversity: Starting From Now
Spotlight: Method
Student Award: Two Weeks
Crowd Favourite: Fightin’ ISIS
People’s Choice: Krudo
Pitch iView: Waiting – Tim Potter

Goober (AUS)


Jezabel (FRA/BEL)

Jezabel (FRA/BEL)

No Strings Attached (AUS)

Amy Street (NZL)


Exode (CAN)

Krudo (CHL)

Starting From Now Season 5 (AUS)


Like You (AUS)

Two Weeks (AUS)

High Life (AUS)

Deluxe Motion (CAN)

Fightin’ ISIS (AUS)

Doodles (AUS)

Waynak: Where Are You? (FRA)

Supa Supa (FRA)

Orazio’s Clan (CHE)