Official Selections

All the selections from Melbourne WebFest 2017

Other People’s Children (USA)

The Big Nothing (AUS)

Kiki and Kitty (AUS)

Wishlist 2.0 (GER)

Women of the Island (AUS)

Small Town Hackers (AUS)

Aussie Rangers (AUS)

Ink (FRA)

Event Zero (AUS)

Man-O (CAN)

Clusterf*ck (CAN)

A Fine Mistery (ITA)

Counting Mx. Gye (KOR)

Random Season 2 (FRA)

Prisoners And Pups (AUS)

Chinese Dream (GER)

The Y Theory (BEL)

Language Academy (US)

Spike and Dadda (AUS)

This is Desmondo Ray! (AUS)

These New South Whales Season 2 (AUS)

City Girl: A Rom-Com By a 12-Year-Old (USA)

Skinford (AUS)

Hooked (ITA)

The Circle (AUS)

Homo Digitalis (GER)

Technically Single (GER)

Sexy Herpes (AUS)

Iran #NoFilter (FRA)

Other People’s Problems (AUS)

Natural Selection (COL)

Psusy Season 2 (NZ)

Swift and Loose (AUS)

It’s Not That Simple (IND)

Hitting Zero: A Legacy (AUS)

Housemates Season 2 (AUS)

Mortus Corporatus (FRA)

Freudian Slip (AUS)

Plonk Season 2 (AUS)

Confess (ISR)

Goons Inc (AUS)

Alice in Paris (FRA)

Woke (FRA)

Patricia Moore (AUS)

Antarktika (GER)

Homecoming Queens (AUS)

Save Me (CAN)

Nemausus (FRA)

Crimetube Southtyrol 
”The Suitcase” (ITA)

Played (CAN)

Aunty Donna – The Album (AUS)

Burkland (BEL)

Zombie Ztories (FRA)

Jade of Death (AUS)

Arena (BRA)

Wine (AUS)

Poi Hopes and Dreams (NZL)

Small Talk (CAN)

Spotlight Selections

All the Spotlight selections from Melbourne WebFest 2017

Student Selections

All the Student selections from Melbourne WebFest 2017