Pitch Perfect @ MWF with ABC iview

2.30pm – 4.30 pm Saturday 2 July @ Deakin Edge, Fed Square
Tickets are available via Eventbrite: http://melbournewebfest.eventbrite.com

Melbourne WebFest and ABC iview have partnered up to present a live pitching competition at this year’s Melbourne WebFest, on 2 July at Deakin Edge, Fed Square.

The competition received 120 submissions on the theme ‘Anytime, Anywhere’. 15 of these have been shortlisted, and the participants will have just two minutes to pitch their original web series idea to a live audience and judging panel at the festival.

In addition to the 15 shortlisted pitches, guests attending Melbourne WebFest will also have an opportunity to submit a wild card entry during the weekend by tweeting to a hashtag that will be announced once the wildcard entries open on Thursday 30 June.

Five wild card entries will be invited to pitch on the spot during the event along with the shortlisted 15.

Pitches will be judged on script potential, creativity and audience reaction by a panel of judges, which will consist of Rick Kalowski (ABC Head of Comedy), Kevin Mountain (Content Manager, ABC iview), John Cabrera (Gilmore Girls, H+: The Digital Series), Craig Batty (screenwriter/academic) and Steinar Ellingsen (MWF Director).The event will be MC’ed by Heather Maltman (I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Now!, Unindian).

The winner will receive $5,000 towards professional development, attending Marseille WebFest where they will participate in a writing residency to develop their pitch to the ABC. The residency will take place from 17 – 22 October. The winner of Pitch Perfect will be announced at the awards ceremony on 3 July.

Shortlisted submissions

“Jade of Death” by Erin Good and Taylor Litton-Strain
JADE has a powerful ability. She can hear when and how people will die. She’s run away from home and works at a seedy carnival as the “Fortune-Teller-of-Death”, but now people are after her. There’s more to her past than she lets on, and more to her abilities than she knows.

“Crown of Thorns” by Steve Callen
A procrastinating novelist stumbles across the story of a lifetime; A fully grown man has been secretly cloned from the blood of a Holy Christian Relic. But the clone looks nothing like what the world was expecting. For the novelist, this could be the second greatest story ever told.

“Door to Door” by Tom Burton
Peter is a door to door salesman who hates his job. He marches through the streets, flogging crap, dealing with the strange characters and all of the absurdity that suburbia has to offer. Door to Door is a comedy that explores the troupes of suburban life in an absurdest manner.

“Jack of All” by Kerry Glennon
Jack is a jack of all trades, master of none and failure at most. He’ll take any job, anywhere to provide for his daughter. Magician, lollipop lady, nanny, human pharmaceutical tester, custodian etc. Each job lost as a result of things beyond his control. It’s a comedy / drama.

“Viking Mama” by Jenny Wynter
A Viking mother – a woman from a distant time – battles through the fields of present day suburbia. Juggling her 21st century tribe of children, a passive aggressive “perfect” neighbour and the pressures of modern domestic life, she struggles to fight the war of parenting as a competitive artform.

“Reaping” by Rory Pierce
What if the Grim Reaper wasn’t only a supernatural force that could appear anywhere ,anytime to claim you for dead .But was also your neighbour. Reaping is a black comedy about the everyday life of an Australian Reaper in a community as he builds relationships and ends some of them.

“Early Bird” by James Vinston
When a jet-lagged primary school teacher arrives on campus before dawn, she finds a dead man lying in the playground with his throat cut. In a comedy of errors, she successfully moves the body before the students arrive, but unwittingly becomes tangled in the largest crime syndicate of suburbia.

“Nick of Time” by Ben Nicholas and Ric Forster
Cancer patient Nick’s praying for a miracle, but is stunned when his future-self arrives on his doorstep. Naked. And covered in piss. FutureNick has an important message to deliver, but time travel causes amnesia. And incontinence apparently!? Fiance Bridget calls bullshit, but how does FutureNick know her dirty little secret?

“Almost 30” by Chelsea Denny
A comedy about two friends who are newly single and almost thirty. Kirra is hell bent on partying into her thirties, while divorced mum Holly reclaims her twenties. Through their regular phone calls anywhere, anytime, they navigate through dick pics, dating and fears of being alone to (hopefully) find happiness.

“Gonads” by Julian Costanzo
This black comedy follows Aristocratic inbreds at the turn of the 19th century. Aging patriarch Eloysius Gonad is about wed suspected black widow Lady Springbottom, a glamour model… Unless his sons Trevellian (a psychopath), Benedict (a philanderer), Rupert (an idiot) and Nigel (dying from the plague) can prevent it.

“Off the Grid” by David Elliot-Jones
A bunch of now-grown-up friends – an ad exec, an architect, a therapist and a dole-bludger – abandon their unfulfilling lives to honour a teenage promise of starting a bush commune. But with council prying, deranged power-company henchmen in pursuit and ex-partners knocking, just how realistic is their off-the-grid utopia?

“Ms Mighty” by Hayley Adams and Sean Carney
Becky Baker works in an office, answers a phone, jokes by the water-cooler, and works with idiots. Oh, and everyone in the office is a superhero… MS. MIGHTY is a warm-hearted mockumentary about a lone female superhero fighting an uphill battle for opportunity and respect. Can Becky make her mark?

“Single-Serving Life” by Steve Palfreyman
What if every day you woke up and the world had forgotten you? Roland lives a life where everyone else is suffering amnesia…but is it all just in his head? This dark comedy explores the lonely and bizarre experiences of a guy who doesn’t feel like he even exists.

“Friends of Friends” by Matilda Dixon-Smith
In “Friends of Friends”, a group of diverse twentysomething uni friends attend a dinner party in an attempt at reconciliation after drifting apart. New secrets and long-buried tensions come to a head over six episodes, each told from a different character’s perspective and intended to be viewed in any order.

“Parra Wirra” by David Farrington
Future Australia is a fundamentalist society blighted by climate crisis and fascism, fanatically obsessed with carbon trading. When Felix, a young gay monk learns his corrupt wind farm monastery is conspiring to increase planetary carbon and provoke war, he is spiritually guided by an Indigenous Elder to lead a crusade.

Tickets are available via Eventbrite: http://melbournewebfest.eventbrite.com.