Official Selections

All the selections from Melbourne WebFest 2017

Goober (AUS)

Little Acorns (AUS)

Whelmed (AUS)

Psychosomatic (ARG)

Euh Season 2 (BEL)

Young & Reckless (CAN)

Dramaworld (KOR/USA)


Bertrand (FRA)

Frapuccino Webserie (ITA)

Discocalypse (GER)

Il Camerlengo (The Chamberlain) (ITA)

Auckward Love (NZL)

High Road Season 3 (NZL)

Jezabel (FRA)

Jezabel (FRA)

Beyond the Water’s Edge (AUS)

Amazing Grace (AUS)

Cluster Agency (FRA)

No Strings Attached (AUS)

Amy Street (NZL)

Palace of Memories (AUS)

Exode (CAN)

Krudo (CHL)

Starting From Now Season 5 (AUS)

The Streets Barber Stories (AUS)



Girt by Fear (AUS)

Restoration (AUS)

Sharing Economy Web (BRA)

Like You (AUS)

Cave Clan: Underground Artists (AUS)

Seasonal Life (CAN)

High Life (AUS)

People Like Us (SGP)

Snippets Of A Lifetime (GER)

Deluxe Motion (CAN)

Dates (USA)


The Councillor (El Partido) Season 2 (SPA)

Hidden (ITA)

Fightin’ ISIS (AUS)

Doodles (AUS)

Running With Violet (CAN)

Waynak: Where Are You? (FRA)

Best Thing You’ll Ever Do (USA)

Supa Supa (FRA)

Choco Bank (KOR)

Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard Season 2 (AUS)

Orazio’s Clan (CHE)

Spotlight Selections

All the Spotlight selections from Melbourne WebFest 2017

i can’t even. Season 2

Trying My Best


Insert Coin

No Pink Cowboys


Real Tinder Convos

Boondock Alley: A Doctor’s Surgery for the Undead

The MixTape Trilogy

Flyer Gyè

Student Selections

All the Student selections from Melbourne WebFest 2017

Mars: The New Earth Voyage (AUS)

Two Weeks (AUS)

The Ripple Effect of PTSD (AUS)

Cascade Gardens Grand Supreme (AUS)

Bakers Original Series (USA)

All Bi Myself (NZL)