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Welcome to Australia’s International Web Series Festival

Melbourne Web Fest is Australia’s international web series festival, working to honour innovative creators that are transforming the world of entertainment.

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The Jury for MWF 2016

Enter “Pitch Perfect @MWF with ABC iview”. Submit your pitch (in 50 words or less) for a web series on the theme ‘Anytime, Anywhere’.  Shortlisted entries will be pitching live at this year’s festival, and the winning pitch will earn its creator $5,000 towards script development.

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About the festival

Digital series entertainment is growing rapidly and is fast rising to challenge traditional modes of producing, distributing and engaging with screen content. Innovative web series creators are a driving force in this storytelling evolution.

Melbourne WebFest is working to acknowledge digital screen producers and is creating a hub for networking and professional development in the heart of Melbourne. It is also an opportunity for the public to experience the best in digital series entertainment from around the world.

El Partido

2016 Official Selection: El Partido (SPA)

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El Partido is a caricature of the typical Spanish politic party. With humour and critical sense, it follows Fernando, a clumsy “nobody” who became the new leader, writes Matthew Elmas.


2016 Official Selection: Horizon (UK)

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What would you do if an alien spaceship appeared over your city? Horizon explores how ordinary people might react to news of an impending alien invasion, writes Matthew Elmas.

Fragments of Friday

2016 Official Selection: Fragments of Friday (AUS)

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Fragments of Friday is a rendition of the weekend lives of two twenty-something friends that, according to series creator Kacie Anning, was inspired by real life events, writes Matthew Elmas.

The Graceland Happiness Project

2016 Official Selection: The Graceland Happiness Project (AUS)

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The Graceland Happiness project started as a trip to fulfil a lifelong dream for a struggling friend, but it became an experience in how best to support someone with mental illness, writes Matthew Elmas.